Teen Rape By Ryan Ngala



There are lots of rapists that are going around the world. Reporters are searching for answers asking Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why? & How?.

You see teens like older boys & girls that get raped in a quick second. Imagine yourself being the one, if you see adults that don’t know who you are, where you live or where you come from because rape is something that someone can attack you as your prime target and not knowing what’s going to come for you next.

You heard it in news and you see it everywhere and anywhere you go there’s always a story behind it and to always know that GOD is there to protect you.
 You have a decision, and a choice to neither walk away from that person or to be with them forever. Where you see yourself behind bars and not knowing where your life has been gone to far for anyone else to be in so much trouble where teens are always hanging out in the streets and not knowing where they are going to.

It always find out some way that teens could be in serious danger and not knowing it for themselves. There’s always goanna be some way that teens from 14-17 years of age that they will rape you and you’ll be gone before you know it for yourself.

You need to be careful for yourself and knowing where you suppose to be and not to be rape by anyone.

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