Harlem Children’s Zone Peace March Interview Questions

Yvette Gonzalez-HCZ Truancy Prevention

Occupation: Caseworker


  1.     How many times have you participated in the HCZ peace march?

    “It is my 1st Time”


   2.   What do you like about the HCZ peace march?

    “It promotes peace in the neighborhood”


    3.  How does the HCZ peace march influence you?

    “It influence me to be a better person and promote peace everywhere”


   4.   How does the HCZ peace march help the community?

    “It teaches people to use words instead of weapons when in a conflict”


    5.  How can we honor the people who have lost their lives to violence in the community?

   “A moment of silence and a prayer to god”


     6.  How can the community be safe from the violence we live in?

    “Getting involved in agencies like HCZ and the church of your choice”


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